Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Walking, Moving, Raining...but not Pouring

So, its July - and we moved from our rental on our first wedding anniversary...fun! And not, as per the original plan, into a brand spanking new house which would have room for all our stuff and animals, but into my little flat by the sea...

Lovely, but a fit tight enough to send Rob - who works from home - over the edge...

Given our experience and all the stories we hear once people know what we're up to, the temporary homes necessary to build THE home seem more and more interesting...rentals mean contracts and fixed dates that building a house seems to laugh in the face of, so I can see why people go down the caravan route (currently scrubbing mildew from my little Abi Maurader which one day will be my office/dog hanging out room - pics to come) but it must drive people spare.

We put more boxes in storage but can barely move at the moment and my lovely long corridor will soon have to host a 10metre long washing line because even now, in JULY (!), it won't stop raining.

Which accounts for the lack of any concrete being poured and my filling space with tales of moving joy. Although, I must confess that after 3 van loads to the flat, 1 to the dump, & 1 to storage we did sign the contract with our house builder (get in!) and then had a tasting meal at Ynys Hir which was amazing and duly special.

Hum, might leave the big walk story for another post...

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