Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tourer for Sale

3 berth Abi Marauder for sale 
£450 - pick up only

Been used for extra space for breakfasts and occasional office while building a house. 

Working gas hob and grill, electric hook up and leisure battery, new Whale hand pump tap, new door lock with keys. Clean, no damp. No gas fire but I've been using a plug in electric heater.

Van is 3m 60cm long and the storage for gas & towbar is 1m 20cm so total of 4m 80cm long and 2m 5cm wide

Flat for rent!

 Lovely 2 bedroom 1st floor flat available from mid March
Parking & 2 entrances – will be painted white & floors sanded.
£500pm + bills 

Monday, 11 February 2013

Its moving too fast to document...

More and more happens and I get further and further behind!

But I've scrambled together a few photos off Rob's computer and he is taking more today - we spent the weekend scraping and sopping up the plaster that had been dropped on the concrete (see pics of plasterers below!) so that John could come today to polish it...then Lawrence comes Wednesday to jet wash it then we seal it Thursday.  It isn't exactly clean but then, we're not that fussy.

So, more up to date pics to come but here is a hint of what has been happening in Cae Bach.

We've got stairs so no more ladders:


 We've driven builders potty with our doors - each one a different size, bent and in need of work to get door knobs in - but they do look great. Can't change them now anyway, as each frame is clearly different:

Kitchen a few days ago - it now has fridge, sink and tap, and the shelf you can see on the side is up but need new photos. We're painting it a blue we've yet to finally pick:

Inside the study, shelves and desk. I've ordered a double decker sofa/day bed from Loaf and it has millimetres to spare so I'm hoping they are as good as their word and put it up for me!

The weatherboarding is almost finished now but this was when the glass porch out the back was installed. Rob wishes he'd had it on more of an angle but it is looking like it'll be a good spot to be outside and out of the rain...especially for cats:

The final slates over the undercroft entrance...

More to come asap!