Tuesday, 10 July 2012

I would walk....

We made it!

My brother, Ben and I did the 42 mile Across Wales Walk that the Rotary organise each year last month - starting at 3:50 in the morning at Glandyfi and finishing at 7pm at Anchor in Shropshire. I raised almost £400 for Caffi Cletwr - a community cafe project in Tre'r Ddol and Tom and Ben raised money for St Francis hospice in Essex where they both live.

After a lot of practice (mainly with Meg the lab, my walking buddy) it was actually not too bad...it is so well organised that all we had to think about was getting from stopping station to stopping station, our bodies, water and food - which meant no thinking about work for a really long time!

The weather was, predictably, wet, but much better than May's heat wave walk (see below) ...after that 25 mile one we just couldn't contemplate another 17 miles but walking through the wind farm at about 34ish miles we were quite impressed with ourselves!

All in all if I was given the choice of doing this walk or moving house I'd take the walk EVERY time.

Didn't help that Tom left his boots in London of course and did the whole thing in trainers...

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