Monday, 25 June 2012

Pretty piping!

Hours and hours in the rain but the underfloor heating pipes are in and all connected up! Thousands of tag ties and a lot of piping under heating engineer John Cantor's watchful eye and it looks pretty good.

This is where Rob'll be working - and John is connecting up at the manifold which, fingers crossed, will appear in a cupboard:

Two pipes interweaved:

The whole ground floor - it looks like a circuit board ... or a 70s string painting. It was great to be able to balance in between the pipes and on the mesh and imagine being in the office, on the couch, or looking out the kitchen window...

I have just been told, however, that we need to go down after work and add another thousand tie tags as there aren't enough to stop the pipes moving when the concrete moves in...just hope it isn't raining at the time!

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