Friday, 12 October 2012

It is big and it is very orange...

Oh lord, it is definitely one of the stages where it all feels very BIG...

We've been told by lots of people that you go through stages of the house seeming too small, tight and enclosed...and others where it feels enormous and looming...Rob has sent me these and I've not seen the first floor yet (the top floor - no more to come - the neighbours will be glad to hear!) Might not be a bad thing just yet.

I'm sure with weatherboarding and a slate roof and a bit of Welsh weather it'll stand out a lot less!

It is great how quickly this bit happens after the endless waits for paperwork, drawings, and rain rain rain...

But there are some ominous signs of airtightness problems. It seems that we have a lot of people working on the house but those that know what they are doing in terms of specialist windows and airtightness and MVHR aren't the ones organising the day to day work...So we have been told, just as the roofing is due, that the designs and now the frame aren't suitable for the airtightness membrane, but if they don't tell us how are we or the builder to know?

It is too late to change the design but fingers crossed a solution is found that doesn't lose us too much of the passiv design that is costing so much!

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