Friday, 12 October 2012

Floors/ceilings and the actual view from our bedroom!

Not only is this a real photo of some sun, it is also a sign that we have a ground floor ceiling and somewhere to put the first floor...

In a funny way it is a dislocating experience to see these spaces being enclosed (stupid I know!) after getting used to the open space for so long. But also, I have this feeling that these sights are one-time-only specials! Pretty soon (relatively - in the hoped for lifespan of this house) this will be concealed from human sight and unless we're really unlucky, won't be exposed again.

Rob in the hallway/stairs area just inside the front door:

It seems that the downstairs bathroom - a little room with shower squeezed in for those who can't make it upstairs - has had the window moved to the left and a bit lower than we had in the drawings. This, we've now been told is because of the window in the spare bedroom on the other side of the left hand wall, and perhaps because of the supporting bit of wood above the window? It's a shame because the shower is in the left hand corner and the window wood...and we'll need to put some frosted patterning on at least the lower half now but I guess it isn't a disaster judging from Rob's response!

Some scaffolding surrounding the house - it makes the house look even bigger unfortunately but it does mean we can get up there and see our bedroom and bathroom view for the first time...

Yup, not bad.

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