Sunday, 27 May 2012

Walls & Gabions

This is what I actually see from the top deck of the bus when I try and take a picture at the same time - if you look reaaallllly carefully you can see a bit of yellow digger...

Aled and his guys are doing our ground works and foundations and he's also going to tender for the house build now he knows we have Mike coming in to do the air tightness and windows. So far its been great!

The area was cleared for the corner retaining wall - our last architect reckoned we didn't need the bit by the neighbour's bungalow but they feel differently!

Then I arrive and this had happened: 

Its funny how far you've come when aesthetics have nothing to do with your emotional responses - one woman's ugly grey breezeblock another's beautiful wall. I'm sure it is made of awful stuff as is the concrete to come but I can't help but be grateful that something so sturdy looking has begun our build proper - its going to be grey brick with concrete poured between them and the blockwork.

I may have had my my taste scrambled by this whole affair, however, because I do actually really like  gabions, who'd have thought it? Rob was down on site last week helping fill them out and I love the texture and contrast they'll have with the brick.

We hadn't thought through how to top them off though as the bank is rather steep - hoping to bring the angle in a bit and try to have some wild flowers like our present lane: 

The tender for the build will have its final details tweaked on Wednesday and if we hurry up we should get started in time for the great British summer ;-)

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