Monday, 21 May 2012


Some action on site!

I know I have driven past house builds before and wondered at how long they have taken to get going but shall forever hold that thought. After our 9 month set back seeing some action is incredible and almost too fast to take in (I'm sure everyone else passing thinks its snails pace!)

We staked out the house early in May for the builder to start the ground works and foundations.

Can't quite believe that corner will host a house - in the not too distant future!

And we had our first beer sitting on the mound on the left last Friday - one of many no doubt...

I'm sure the tulips won't survive the trucks but every little counts and the hedge clearly didn't mind its move too much. We're both booked onto a willow fence making course at CAT in December as we're trying to think of creative ways to keep out the sheep that don't necessarily involve a great big bit of wood in everyone's face: Woven Hurdle fencemaking

We popped by a few days later in the pouring rain and the builder, Aled and his team had started laying out the foundations for the retaining wall...I stayed in the car!

Next post will feature the wall itself and some fine looking gabions...can't believe how excited I am by walls these days.

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