Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I know - it has been ages but there has been some redundancy business and a Christmas and a boozy new year to get through...and a lots been happening.

The plasterers came with their amazing stilts...

The first coat of paint was sprayed...

Here's a little tour, starting with the studio:

Studio from the utility:

Utility - this has the heating controls, water tank, electrics, a drying cupboard and sink:

Front door and hall - some boot storage and a dog gate to come:

Kitchen (left), living room (right):

Little bathroom downstairs and bedroom door on the left:

Office window - desk to come in front of the window:

TV/little spare bedroom. Just bought a sofabed!

Our bedroom...

Our bathroom...turning into my favourite room!

It all begins again tomorrow - warmcel coming to insulate the walls (hoping they are not soaked through after this Christmas) and then we're meeting men about concrete floors while Colin the builder gets on with the garage, finishing the roof and then some cladding.

Lots to do but it really shouldn't be long now...really!

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