Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Roofing: trusses, tiles, solar & even insulation!

It has been over a month since I've put any pics up and the longer I leave it the more enormous the task seems to catch back up!

We seem to be hurtling towards Christmas now and so much is happening that Rob is eating, sleeping, breathing house details - so many things need ordering yesterday: tiles, bathrooms, sockets, door knobs, cooker, and all the stuff we've forgotten. But it is appearing before our eyes at least and looks good, in spite of the endless rain.

Back in October our kitchen living room was coming together - these windows were the last to be put in as we had a few issues with the door going out into the garden/mud swamp - like no handle on the outside...isn't it normal to have a handle so you can get back in? We ended up keeping the frame and they are sending us a new later.

And meanwhile the roof was covered:

Battened down - and solar panels photovolatic panels attached: 

And then tiled beautifully! We got up there on the scaffolding and really like the scuffed texture...

We went for grey ridge tiles to match the slates - mention red ridge tiles to Rob and stand back for the response...(I have to agree though, especially since we don't want the house to stick out any more than it already does!)

So, with a roof on, the Warmcel folk came over from Meifod and filled it with 300ml of insulation from their van through these holes:

Which meant the builders could start with the plaster board - and the dark orange walls are at last covered with something a bit brighter and I can imagine what our bedroom might look like:

(I'll try and do a post on windows next week btw)

And finally, trusses go up on the playroom/studio so that we'll be all roofed over really soon!

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  1. Finally had a chance to read your blogs Amy! Fantastic spot and what an interesting project - as well a an amazing property!