Thursday, 5 January 2012


Struggling to get a hold of our designer-builder at the moment but not giving up hope of foundations starting next week. So here are some pics of/from the place we are renting which is just up the road (5 mins drive) from the plot. 

The cats are finding it a bit difficult to get used to the neighbours being so far away and the near constant rain (not represented here!) is making them a bit house bound...but on the plus side the stars are amazing.

A few of our neighbour Mr Thomas' sheep passing by:

It is hard to get an image of the view which is North towards AberdyfiPause and Cadair Idris but it is pretty nice...

Our house won't quite have these views but we'll have some great big Austrian triple-glazed windows facing west and north, so sea (on the horizon about 4 miles away) and some mountains. It'll be nice not to have to put the dogs in the car for a walk, and get muddy every time we get out to shut the gate.  Although Rob's refusal to wash his car till we leave means the dogs and I are enjoying some freedom for now!

I was looking for some evidence of the recent rain and wind but got distracted by the lovely Derek: 
Some hope for us then - even if we do get the sun till very late morning in winter...

Ooh, and this one: though I'm not convinced of the 'interception' argument...

Well, apparently bits of the National Library roof blew off this morning but the windows at work have stopped shaking quite as manically. Hopefully it'll pass now and we WILL get some foundations soon.

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