Friday, 21 October 2011

Deferral and Drawings

So, we've had an unofficial ok from the planner and he has invited us to submit our floorplans which we are, how can I put it, "coaching" (?) our architect/design builder to get in for Monday morning. Some last minute insistence on keeping the stairs where they were and the odd recessed wall and we should be away. But I'm getting used to hope being deferred...

I was reading about gender and blogs briefly this morning (in the case of cancer patients) and non of the self-build blogs I look at are written by women. I don't know the details about the house that perhaps I should and that other bloggers talk about. I seem to want to talk around it instead...and I feel that working full time and with Rob doing the drawings that I am a bit liminal - but still able to be driven mad by it! For him it is a different sort of madness - I asked him to keep a journal which he does but I'm certain it wouldn't be publishable!

Driven to a mutual but differently experienced despair last night I asked Rob why we were doing this and he answered: because it is in the place I (as in me!) love most in the world, it is an environmentally and economically sound thing to be doing, and it offers us a rich and interesting future. Glad he remembered.

I've scanned some of the early drawings and already it is amazing to see the scribble (clearly representing a fully realised image in Rob's head, of course!) to early house design:

  Maybe it really will be a house one day!

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